Modular Gas Solutions

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    EURO LPG is specialized in the design, engineering, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of pre-assembled or SKID Mounted LPG Plant or Depot Components for minimal installation start-up efforts in time & local cost:

    Our range of solutions covers complete modular plant solutions:

    • LPG Cylinder Filling Plants
    • Filling Stations for LPG, LNG, CNG and Mega Stations combining Petrol and various Gases products
    • Industrial Gas utilization purposes
    • Residential, Commercial or Public Gas utilization purposes
  • Pre-Mounted ‘Plug & Play’ Turnkey Mobile or Fixed Component Solutions:

    • SKID Mounted Tanks or with Steel Supports
    • Pumps and/or Compressor Systems
    • Cylinder Filling Solutions with Filling Points and configurable to include any required semi-automated or automated functions such as Chain Conveyor, Check Scale, Leak Detection and Refurbishment Machinery
    • Dispensers for stations filling Cars, Trucks and/or Agricultural Machinery or Boats
    • Gas Power Generators
    • Sea and/or River Vessels Loading/Unloading Equipment
    • Road and/or Railway Tankers Loading/Unloading Equipment
    • Vaporizer Installations
    • Industrial Installations for different type of industrial requirements for heating and/or cooling
    • Commercial or Public purposes for requirements of Cooking Gas, A/C, Heating and/or any other custom solutions for Residential Areas, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Barracks and more

Our solutions are built to strike an effective combination between safeguarding the safety and high production efficiency. Euro LPG Solutions are made in full compliance with PED & ATEX European Directives or ASME Directives.